Railway Runner 3D


Railway Runner 3D is a 3D racing game that takes you on a thrilling ride through a dangerous rail station. Play the part of a young man who enjoys adventure and exhilarating skateboarding on the railroad tracks. However, the police officer noticed this and did not like it at all. Help this reckless boy escape and remain safe on the tracks!

In Railway Runner 3D, you must sprint as far as possible while avoiding all harmful obstacles along the way. This railroad station is packed with train cars and barriers that will slow your race. To escape the police chase, cleverly avoid obstacles and get onto the train's roof. Be very careful, since enormous trains can unexpectedly surge in. Don't forget to earn a lot of coins so you can buy attractive clothes from the vendors. Show off your great skating talents in Railway Runner 3D now!

How to play

  • Move with arrow keys or WASD
  • Press SPACEBAR to use the skateboard

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