Rabbids Wild Race


Rabbids Wild Race is an agility racing game in the woods with angry bunnies. There will be no concessions here. To get an advantage over other players, you must run as quickly as possible.

Rabbids Wild Race immerses you in a thrilling race with beautiful rabbits. But be careful, for, despite their cute appearance, these bunnies can fight for the top spot. Your goal is to be the first bunny to finish the race. To accomplish this, you must pay attention to prevent running into roadblocks that will slow you down. Keep an eye out for the gold coins that have been distributed. They can assist you in purchasing armor plates from the store so that you can survive longer in bouts against other hostile bunnies. Are you eager to discover the game's stunning outfits? Join the exciting Rabbids Wild Race now!

How to play

  • Control your character with the mouse

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