Parkour Block 5


Parkour Block 5 is a fast-action platform game that releases a series of demanding challenges and highly anticipated innovations. Your quick reflexes will need to be pushed to the max since any mistakes or stumbles in this game will send you back to the first level. The gameplay remains the same as in past popular versions; you must manually control the character to properly hop over platforms and dodge harmful hazards. Fans of this game are more concerned with getting the highest score at each level than with passing them. Prepare for an exceedingly challenging special level that 80% of players cannot complete on their own. It's time to show off your best parkour jumps and outperform yourself by earning three stars on each level!

How to play

  • Controlled using the WASD buttons on the keyboard
  • Press SPACEBAR to jump up
  • Press the Shift key to accelerate
  • Navigate and overview with the mouse pointer

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