Only Up Parkour 2


Only Up Parkour 2 is a thrilling adventure game that immerses players in spectacular and realistic sensations while simulating risky jumps from dizzying heights. It's time to test your daring and demonstrate your abilities by doing skillful parkour maneuvers across the vertical maze in the air!

In Only Up Parkour 2, you will take on the role of a daring mountain climber, navigating the maze at an altitude of over 500 m while conquering more difficult obstacles. The most crucial aspect of playing this game is that you must have flexible and accurate reflexes to react quickly when confronted with unforeseen obstacles. There will not be much time to contemplate because if you stumble, you will fall to the ground and have to restart the journey from the beginning. So, do you have the confidence to finish the challenge successfully? Simply click the play button to start playing and marvel at the game's magnificent 3D universe!

How to play

  • Use WASD keys to control
  • Press SPACEBAR to jump up
  • Use mouse for overview

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