Only Up! Parkour


Only Up! Parkour was released following the popularity of the popular action game Only Up! It retains the same simple running and leaping action as the previous edition, but new obstacles with increased difficulty continue to arise, testing your survival skills. As a daring athlete who enjoys adventure, you must climb the vertical maze in the air and jump over obstacles to reach the top. All you have to do is respond swiftly and do precise parkour leaps to avoid hitting objects or falling. If you make a mistake, you will fall to the ground and must restart your trip through the maze. However, it will be tough for inexperienced players to avoid falling, and you will not lose your life if you do, so enjoy the thrill of falling. As you ascend higher, the hurdles become more challenging. So, do you believe you are capable of overcoming all of the challenging tasks ahead? Discover Now in Only Up! Parkour!

How to play

  • Use WASD buttons or arrow keys to move
  • Use mouse to see the whole scene
  • Press the Space button to jump
  • Press the Shift key to run quickly
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