Muscle Challenge


Muscle Challenge is a fun arcade action game that includes a running obstacle course and an intense battle mode. At the start of the game, you control an aggressive guy who wants to eat a lot to get healthier. Collect all of the delectable foods and beverages to help him grow bigger and bigger. After eating more, your character will gradually develop into a stronger person with a muscular body and strong muscles. However, avoid hitting any of the track's obstacles. Every time you encounter an obstacle, you will lose points, and your character's fighting power will decrease. The goal of collecting food is to have enough strength to fight the adversary in the end. Another athletic opponent awaits you at the end of the race, and you must defeat him to win. Join Muscle Challenge now and use successive attacks to knock out your opponents!

How to play

With computer:

  • Hover to navigate
  • Press the left mouse button repeatedly to throw punches

With phone:

  • Use touch to play games

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