Jungle Run OZ


Jungle Run OZ is an exciting survival running game in which you play as an inquisitive child fleeing from dangerous zombies in a fascinating ancient temple. Explore weird inventions, heart-stopping action, and enigmatic energies as you navigate disastrous mazes in the game's intriguing 3D world!

Are you prepared to explore the strange dungeon in Jungle Run OZ? When a short red-haired lad stole a green magic potion, he unintentionally enraged the monsters in the temple. You must now assist him on this perilous trip while evading the terrible mutant creature. This adventure will be fraught with peril as your character treks across difficult terrain. Try not to strike any obstacles or you will fail the level. Collect all of the potions along the route to help the youngster transform and unleash incredible power. Now, join Jungle Run OZ and see how long you can live in the face of zombies!

How to play

  • Control the main character in the game with the arrow keys

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