Giant Rabbit Run


Prepare for an amazing adventure in Giant Rabbit Run, where you will navigate a big rabbit sprinting and jumping over obstacles on a dangerous roadway. This rabbit wants to collect all of the colorful Easter eggs and gold coins on the streets. Are you able to aid him?

The roadway is a challenging maze with numerous perilous obstacles, but the enormous white rabbit is determined to finish the assignment. You must assist this lovely rabbit in jumping and avoiding obstacles as he runs down a roadway lined with autos and barricades. Because of its huge and powerful build, the rabbit will not die the first few times it encounters traps. However, if you hit a barrier too many times, the rabbits will finally be unable to continue going. Remember, the main goal is to collect as many coins and Easter eggs as possible. So, are you ready to run the Giant Rabbit Run?

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to control your bunny

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