Garfield Rush


In the agility-running game Garfield Rush, the sleepy yellow cat from the cartoon you frequently watch is suddenly sprinting as quickly as lightning across the streets. What causes a cat that dislikes movement to run so fast? Play this game to find out!

Control carefully to avoid striking any obstacles while sprinting down a busy street. Throughout the race, barriers and cars will constantly obstruct Garfield's progress. A fantastic somersault or a quick cross to the side will suffice to solve this situation. Discover extras for your cat by collecting power-ups, including magnets, elastic shoes, jetpacks and dozens of other special rewards. Collect as many coins as you can to redeem the entire collection of 18 impressive outfits in the store. Put on your sneakers and run at full speed in Garfield Rush!

How to play

  • Use mouse to play the game

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