Doodle Jumping


In the entertaining action game Doodle Jumping, you must control a lovely blue creature as it jumps onto levels of increasing height and overcomes hundreds of difficult obstacles. The basic purpose of the game is to achieve the maximum score possible by leaping on platforms and dodging monsters while remaining alive. What do you think your highest possible score will be?

Based on the original content of the popular game Doodle Jump, Doodle Jumping offers a unique twist when creating a character who transforms from the impostor in Among Us. This game preserves the previous version's 2D squiggly graphics and fundamental jumping gameplay, but you'll have more fun hopping over ever higher platforms with the different charming creatures. Furthermore, the nice sound is a hallmark of this game, bringing relaxation and attracting players. Remember that your experience in Doodle Jumping will never stop. To earn a high score, do the correct jumps and avoid falling off the platform!

How to play

  • Control with arrow keys
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