Dinosaur Game


Dinosaur Game is a casual arcade game about the adventures of a tyrannosaur. Although the gameplay is fairly simple, this game has the potential to be addictive since the growing difficulty stimulates the player's conquering.

You've probably heard or seen Dinosaur Game, Google's offline dinosaur game, right? Now you can play this game easily online to practice your hand and eye reflexes. The purpose of the game is pretty easy to comprehend; you just need to observe and let the tyrannosaur jump in time when it nears the obstacle. Your dinosaur will run automatically in the unending black-and-white desert and his movements will increase faster and faster, while the cacti will also appear more densely and suddenly. As long as you let your character hit an obstacle only once, the game will terminate. Practice hard to earn your record score in Dinosaur Game!

How to play

  • Press SPACEBAR to jump up
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