Devil Dash


Devil Dash is a hard-skill strategy game that immerses you in thrilling situations within the devil's dark prison. There's no need to haste. Carefully follow the steps to find a means to exit the levels alive.

When the game begins, you will witness a geometric block fall into an empty basement with a door at the end. When you initially enter the level, you will not see any obstacles. However, if you don't want to die right away, don't run to the door. This dungeon features hidden traps designed to kill unsuspecting players. To anticipate and avoid traps, walk cautiously and slowly. In the following difficult levels, you will face hundreds of challenges such as deep holes, crumbling walls, spike traps, and even collapsing basements. So, are you able to solve all of the puzzles?

How to play

  • Move with arrow keys or WASD
  • Press SPACEBAR to jump up

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