Christmas Bridge Runner


Are you ready to play the Christmas Bridge Runner skill game and demonstrate your agility against other brilliant players? In the festive Christmas scene, accompanied by delightful music, diligent workers engage in a competition to construct socks and bridges, with the goal of determining who is the most skilled. While other colorful players race around collecting socks, you must finish the mission before they win and claim the crown. To fill the bridge connecting the two sides of the cliff, you must collect as many socks of the same color as the character's body you are controlling. When you first start playing, be careful, because if you run into a player who has more socks than you, you will fall and drop all of the socks behind you. Conversely, having more socks than others may cause people to fall if they bump into you. Are you skilled enough to get to your destination the quickest? Discover more at Christmas Bridge Runner!

How to play

  • Hold down the left mouse button and move the mouse to control your character

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