Bob The Robber


Bob The Robber is a fantastic puzzle adventure game for all escape enthusiasts. Take on impossible assignments like a real spy! Bypass the strict security system and successfully trick the guards into stealing riches!

In the puzzle game Bob The Robber, you play as a notoriously good-natured burglar and must use your brains and flexible reflexes to overcome all of the game's difficult levels. Your job is to assist Bob in stealing goods from the secret room and distributing them to the impoverished. There will be frightening scenarios ahead, as laser traps, ferocious guards, and hundreds of intricate codes arise one after the other to obstruct your progress. As a result, you must always be cautious at each step and devise a carefully planned strategy. Because this is not a fighting game, it's best to be very stealthy. If you are discovered, you will lose immediately and have to play again from the beginning. Now, prepare your luggage and join the game; Bob is waiting for you!

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD keys to control movements
  • Press the space button to defend

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