Blob Runner 3D


Blob Runner 3D is an amazingly casual 3D runner game in which you guide a humorous slime blob across a track full of tricky obstacles. Feel free to express your preferred style and color for this adorable blob!

Are you ready? Blob Runner 3D takes you on an interesting voyage using detachable color blocks. You must guide this human-shaped slime block to its destination safely. This is not easy at all because the journey to its destination is tough, with numerous obstacles following one another. The game's stages have barriers, revolving saw blades, deep trenches, and even enormous hammers on the highways. Each time your slime block encounters an impediment, it drops a portion but continues to move forward. Pay attention to absorbing blobs when healing your character, since if you lose too many pieces from your body, you will lose. Join Blob Runner 3D now and help your slime block escape this challenging maze!

How to play

  • Press the left mouse button and drag the mouse to control the character

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