Biking Extreme 3D


Biking Extreme 3D is a skill-racing game in which you play as a cyclist and compete against other players in an obstacle-filled jungle. The path through the forest is not level but rather incredibly challenging, with many trees blocking the way; will you still reach the finish line first?

In high-speed mountain bike competitions, Biking Extreme 3D pits you against others. You will play from a genuine first-person perspective, just as if you were driving live. This automobile is extremely difficult to control. If you are not steady behind the wheel, you can collide with any large tree and fall quite badly. Don't give up and keep practicing, because once you've mastered it, you'll be able to change your speed and easily outperform others. It's time to prove your agility by completing all of the difficult tracks in Biking Extreme 3D!

How to play

  • Move the left mouse button in any direction to control

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