Aggravated Asphalt


In Aggravated Asphalt, you'll race against colorful animals! The never-ending journey on an obstacle-filled roadway will provide you with unforgettable encounters that will put your quick reactions to the test.

Meet the charming animals from the popular animated film Happy Tree Friends! In Aggravated Asphalt, these monsters invite each other to an obstacle race on the streets. You will have to control them to jump over vehicles obstructing the road, slide down spiked fences, and avoid other perilous obstacles. If you face too many challenges, your character will run out of health, and you will fail. However, not everything on the road is to be avoided. Springs, magnets, feathers, and even explosives are examples of magical supports that can deliver an enjoyable experience along the route. If you're ready, try Aggravated Asphalt and have fun!

How to play

  • Control the character in the game with the arrow keys

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