Fun Race 3D: Baldi's Basics


Fun Race 3D: Baldi's Basics is a fast-paced racing game inspired by the iconic characters from the popular horror game Baldi's Basics. Beginning with the first level, overcome innumerable gigantic spinning blades and deadly moving platforms! Can you be the only survivor?

In the skill game Fun Race 3D: Baldi's Basics, you will compete in an exhilarating race for survival against renowned characters from popular video games. The goal is to survive the race and cross the finish line first. However, this is not a simple task because traps are strategically set along the road you must navigate. You could be smashed into hundreds of pieces or plunged into the deep water if you run into any obstructions. Most of your opponents will fail the first level or die within the first few seconds of play. And you? Can you get to your destination safely?

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move
  • Left-click to jump up

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